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Post by bashscrazy on Thu May 28, 2015 11:50 am

Now that the forum is becoming a little bit more active, there needs to be some rules!

English only.
Everybody should be able to understand what you are writing.

No multi-accounting.
Don't have more than one account, it is unnecessary.

No multi-posting.
If you have the last post in a thread, don't post again until 24 hours have passed. If you want to include more information just edit your post.
You have 3 strikes on multi-posting, each multi-post after that is -1 ki maxed out at -10 ki per multi-post.

Don't post off-topic.
Only time you can post off-topic is if it is still a little relevant to the topic. Otherwise don't post at all or create a new topic/thread about what you want to write about.

That's it for now. New rules will be added later. As those problems arise.


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