Added Ki System!

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Added Ki System!

Post by bashscrazy on Tue Jun 30, 2015 12:47 pm

Now certain posts in certain forum sections increase your Ki and certain Topics created in certain forum sections increase your Ki heavily.

However! That means no more useless posts! Posts that contain only "Yeah!" will be basketed.
If you want to say thanks, just click the thanks button or + someone's post.

Useless posts are posts that provide no real value to the discussion at hand.
You can send pms or talk to people in the chatbox for that.
If one of your posts make it into the basket, 10 Ki will be removed from your total.
In the future, Ki may be used for "purchasing" things or something. Idk, I haven't thought that far ahead... Rhino.Freak just kept bothering me to add it lol!


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